How long does it take?
Custom Designed dresses:
Wedding gowns - 6 months, longer if possible
Mothers dresses - 4 months, longer if possible
Other pieces – 3-6 weeks

Wedding gowns – 6-8 weeks optimum, don’t wait
All others gowns – 3-4 weeks optimum, don’t wait
Other projects – 2 weeks

These are guide lines only. Contact workroom for current schedule. Shorter time frames are often available. Don’t wait, you can make gown fitting appointments before the gown comes in. Questions or rush issues, contact workroom.

How many fittings will it take?
After initial consultation, generally 3-4 are needed for custom designed wedding gowns, fewer for mothers and other custom designed dresses.
Alterations – depends on complexity of alterations. Frequently 2-3 are needed for
wedding gowns and complicated dresses. Don’t wait until the last minute.

How much will it cost?
Depends entirely on the complexity of the project. Please schedule a complementary consultation for a price quote.

Do you only make wedding apparel?
No, I make all kinds of items. Rehearsal and engagement party dresses, communion
and christening dresses, graduation and prom dresses, anniversary and other party dresses. Also, groomsmen accessories like ties and pocket squares, that perfect little black dress or a copy of your favorite item that has seen better days. This is the short list. Contact workroom with any questions.

Do you make veils and headpieces?
Yes, I can create a veil and headpiece to match your gown style, trim and color. I also have several unique veil and headpiece styles already made you can to choose from and customize .

Can you restyle a vintage gown?
Usually. I need to see you and the gown. Contact workroom for complimentary appointment so we can discuss it.

I don’t know exactly what I want? Can you give me some ideas and advise me on styles and fabrics?
Yes, I have lots of ideas to inspire you. Call for a consultation.

Do you alter menswear?



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