The Process

During your initial consultation, I will go over any pictures, photos and items you bring that help describe the style you are looking for. You do not need to know exactly what you want; my workroom is filled with ideas to inspire you. I will sketch several design options, show you dozens of fabrics, trims and colors and we’ll discuss pricing without obligation or pressure.

After you decide to go forward with the project, I will make a muslin mock up of your selected style in your size to try on. This gives you the opportunity to make many design changes such as adjust the neckline, add or reduce skirt fullness, raise or lower the waistline, etc. and we will check the fit.

Once the muslin is perfected, your dress is sewn in the selected fabrics with a couple more fittings scheduled to finalize details and check the fit. You participate in every step of the process insuring your dress is exactly what you want, not a compromise.

All consultations are complimentary and without obligation.

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